Natural Headache Relief with Chiropractic in Oakville: Lisa’s Story

Headaches are one of the more common conditions that bring people into our office.  Headaches come in many different types and presentations. Some experience extreme tension around their temples and side of head. Others experience them as pain at the base of the skull and/or behind their eyes, some get them in clusters and some present as full blown migraine.  They are so common, the medical journal Canadian Family Physician reported in 2015 the lifetime incidence among Canadians to be as high as 78%.



For Lisa, like many others, they were simply constant. When we see cases like this, we know it is critical to establish if there has been a shift in the structure and alignment of the head and neck.  If there has been a shift in the position of the bones of the neck (especially the upper neck), this creates pressure on the nerves that have to travel from the brain stem through the spine and out to the head.  Here is Lisa’s story;

Be well,

Dr. Andrew


“I had been suffering from constant, chronic headaches for over 20 years. Nothing seemed to help.  I was taking Advil and Tylenol constantly, and had also tried losing weight, exercising, different eye-wear and nothing was able to help.  It felt like the my only option was to continue taking more and more pills and hope it eventually went away.  They affected my mood, productivity at work, ability to focus and enjoy my free time.  Within 6 weeks of getting adjusted, I was no longer getting nauseous. I was getting about 60% fewer headaches than before and my digestion even improved! Within a few months I was headache free.  9 years later and I still go for my monthly check up and adjustment…and am still headache free.  I’ve also noticed that as my alignment improved my mood, energy and overall quality of life improved.  Dr. Moore saved me from an endless prescription of Advil and the fear of expecting a debilitating headache at any moment.”